Lemmings II Levels
Last Updated January 27th 2002, Version 1.601
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Intorduction Most of you know Lemmings II The Tribes, a famous game for several plattforms.

Well, Lemmings II had 120 levels, and when you solved them no more Levels were available for the Lemmings addicted;-)

But now this pain comes to an end, there a some new levels available, which were created by Chris Hodges and his friends and which I converted from the Amiga-Level-Format to the PC-Level-Format, so that everybody with Lemmings II The Tribes on PC can play those new levels.

Usage Get the new Lemmings II The Tribes levels for PC

Lemmings II The Tribes must be installed on your Harddisk in the directory 'X:\l2'. 'X:\' is the drive, which might be 'C' or 'D' ...

First save all orginial files from 'X:\l2\levels' with a compression utility or copy them to a another directory!!!

In order to play the new levels copy the files from this archive into your 'X:\l2\levels' directory. Don't worry about the size of the orginal levels and the size of the new levels. Psygnosis used to compress the levels, but Lemmings II The Tribes can also load uncompressed levels.

Well then start Lemmings II and select the different levels from the tribe map. At the moment there are only 33 new levels available, but the number may be growing.

The files in this archive follow a certain naming convention, which is important to know, so that you know which levels are the new ones.

e.g.: The file level092.dat in this archive is the *third* ( not the second ! ) level of the 'Shadow Tribe' and so on.... Or level040.dat is the *first* level of the 'Egyptian Tribe'.

Below is a table which contains the relationship between filenames and tribes.

level000.dat - level009.dat Classic Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level010.dat - level019.dat Beach Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level020.dat - level029.dat Caveman Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level030.dat - level039.dat Circus Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level040.dat - level049.dat Egyptian Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level050.dat - level059.dat Highland Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level060.dat - level069.dat Medieval Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level070.dat - level079.dat Outdoor Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level080.dat - level089.dat Polar Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level090.dat - level099.dat Shadow Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level100.dat - level109.dat Space Tribe Level 1 - Level 10
level110.dat - level119.dat Sports Tribe Level 1 - Level 10

Available Levels All levels can be solved without any modification! They have been created by Chris Hodges and his friends.
Circus - Gaauuuudiii
Circus - 0815 Pretty easy level. Timing is everything ;)
Circus - The running Lems Cannot be called absolutely easy.
Circus - Tame that wildcat! Nerve killing wicked level (timing!).
Circus - McLemmans riddle Take care of those invisible traps.
Egyptian - Anything but funny
Egyptian - Don't believe u'r eyes Wicked due to many illusive traps.
Egyptian - Up and down... Easy, but watch your time!
Egyptian - Oh no! I'm falling Can't be easier ;)
Egyptian - What do u really see? Not everything is real...
Highland - Scotland Yard Easy... actually?!?
Highland - Too much water Easy... actually?!?
Highland - A long way home... Don't forget the other side.
Highland - Stressy thing! Release them at the right moment, otherwise it'll be quite narrow.
Highland - Take a Trip down there Take care which exit you want to take.
Medieval - A Hard Days Knight
Medieval - Aller anfang ist schwer. Many ways home.
Shadow - Impossible Mission
Shadow - So near and yet so far Pretty easy, if you use the shortcut.
Shadow - Building Skyscrapers Found a little bug in Lemmings :-)
Shadow - Good Luck, Jim Weird and wicked level. Think first!
Shadow - Labyrinth of Illusion Hard, although you've got plenty of tools.
Shadow - Oh, it's not that easy! Looks easy, is easy, but not for you ;-)
Shadow - Wet Selection Another weird level. Not too hard though.
Shadow - The Galton Board Too much level-a maths ;)
Space - Intergalactic Cries [comment ommitted]
Space - Teleporter Mania [comment ommitted]
Sports - I hate Sports!
Sports - Oh! No more Lemmings! Pretty easy...
Sports - Freestyle Building Compo Do what you want to get to the exit.
Sports - The Magic of Magno Boots A new usage for the fab Magno Boots!
Sports - A long way down - and up VERY hard, this one. Hint: Use the floater above the trampoline.
Sports - Spell Tarzan with an 'L' sigh. I only made it once!
Sports - The Chaos Engine Also a pretty hard level.

Lemmings Level Editor You can create your own levels for Lemmings II The Tribes with the LevelEditor from Chris Hodges, which is available from his homepage.

The Editor only runs under Amiga, but that should be no problem because of UAE, The Unix Amiga Emulator, which also runs on PC. So run Chris' level editor and finally convert the lables to PC via my Lemmings Level Converter.

June 16th 1997 Version 1.10 released
33 Levels. Chris Hodges donated some more levels.
April 2nd 1997 Version 1.00 released
28 Levels. Initial Release

Contact Bug reports, new levels, send to Hermann Schinagl.
The Amiga Level Editor and the levles are by Chris Hodges.
Download the latest of the Lemmings II The Tribes PC Level Collection from my homepage.

Download Lemmings II The Tribes Levels (10k)